Durkel, the Aryah of House Kanjim, a majestic many point stag, needed a team of trusted and skilled members of his House to send on missions to act as the voice of House Kanjim. After much thought he chose his nephew Ghora Mahana, a brave and noble clydesdale horse, and with him his body guard since birth Onyekachi Bahij, a stoic crocodile warrior. At Ghora’s urging the Aryah added the precocious raven Blessed Sadhu Mangai, a healer sorceror priestess, as an spiritual advisor and mystical backup. Very recently the House added young snow leopard Psedera Kanre to its ranks under the cover of guard, although Durkel had done much manuevering with the Assassins Guild to procure her services. He assigned her to work with Ghora and told him of her special skills.

And so begins the journey…

Cast of Characters:

Adhana – Raven – Blessed Sahu Mangai

Born low class, when she was a child Blessed Khoul witnessed her heal a severely wounded dromi after beseeching the Devah Prthivinia for aid and took her under his tutelage immediately. She showed amazing talent in healing and endowment and was quickly raised to Holy Caste and was trained as a healer and mystic. She attended classes with Sunborn students where she met Ghora. They developed a close friendship which led to Adhana being taken on by House Kanjim as an advisor and aid to him for his work for the House.

Although it is frowned upon Adhana keeps in surreptitious contact with her birth family. She hides her ignoble past from the world, but just can’t abandon the gentle and caring people who brought her into the world.

Prefers purples, greens and golds with flowing styles for daily wear. She has a purple star dyed into the feathers of her forehead. For official or ritual work she wears white robes that contrast with her black feathers showing the balance of light and dark.

Martial Arts style: stick based, distance fighting.

Psedera Kanre – Snow Leopard – Guard/Assassin

Her earliest memories are of the slavers’ grounds at Hadrah in the Sustrum Amin. At age nine, she was purchased by a mysterious serpent who turned out to be the head of the local chapter of the Assassin’s Guild. She was trained as an assassin and eventually moved to Distya in Magar to completed her more specialized training. Once her training was completed she was most recently placed in House Kanjim under the guise of a guard. She tells people she is originally from Sustrum, but to those who know such things her very slight accent does not fit that story.

For everyday wear, guard work and assassin work she wears samurai style clothing in black. For formal house events she wears brightly colored kimonos in red black and green with some white.

Martial arts style: Leaping and rolling, dancy, balance of sword and natural weapons

Onyekachi Bahij – Crocodile – Body guard

His family have been members of House Kanjim for generations. Onye was assigned to Ghora as his personal body guard and mentor at his birth. Ghora has grown up with him and they trust each other implicitly.

Upper middle child of eight children, all of whom work in House Kanjim in different positions.

More recently as a favor to Hunmas, master of the watch of House Kanjim, Onye has taken on Irmans, the young child of one of the watchmen as a ward after his father was killed defending against a raid. Technically he is supposed to be teaching the child the art of the warrior, but in reality everyone, including Onye, knows that the job is really just to keep him from causing trouble or getting himself killed.

Onye wears drab colored body wraps under chitin armor when on duty or training. At other times he wears brightly colored body wraps with linen hand and foot wrappings. He has distinctively dyed battle scars.

Martial Arts Style: Slow and lumbering when not fighting but surprisingly agile in combat. Brutish fighting style incorporating many bites and tail lashes interspersed with weapon and claw strikes, linked together with spins and rolls. Highly aggressive attacks with little concern for defense relying on armor and natural resiliance for protection.

Ghora Mahana – Clydesdale – Noble and warrior

Seventh in line to the Aryah (after the consort, the Aryah’s daughter, the aryah’s sister, her eldest son, the aryah’s brother and Ghora’s father, Mageraderon, and Ghora older brother, Teroken) he is often sought out for missions by the Aryah. His success at supporting the House’s goals on these missions has earned him a great deal of respect and responsibility.

Ghora was married to a fox named Theedra until she was brutally murdered on her way back from the market by a band of snake bandits three years ago. Ever since then he has had a severe hatred of snakes and has yet to find the heart to look for a new love.

Martial Arts Style: Lots of high flying kicks and legwork.

Bartok – Bat – Summoner

Bartok is a mysterious stranger sent as an emissary from Klin. The Aryah doesn’t trust him due to his jenu and has assigned him to work with Ghora until he has proven himself trustworthy. Ghora will be meeting up with him in the city of Tiari.

Martial Arts Style: Focuses on ranged combat, close combat is escape based.

House Kanjim

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