House Kanjim

The Edge of Heaven

Once the brigands have been dealt with, Khoul asks Adhana to help him perform a blessing upon the temple and the poor villagers within, to help send them on their way through the Dream to dance at the Edge of Heaven and to release them from the torment that has trapped them here after their deaths. Adhana and Khoul prepare a ritual circle within the temple, a nine foot circle edged with chalk with incense burning at the center of it. While they are doing their preparations Onye is whittling small figurines of the innkeeper and his wife, the bard and the badger. Khoul and Adhana offer to bring the others into the Dream with them. Ghora and Psedera agree to accompany them while Onye keeps at his carving. Adhana and Khoul start chanting and walking slowly around the ritual circle asking Ghora and Psedera to walk between them and join in the chant.

The air starts to shimmer and take on a soilidity it doesn’t normally have. The real world starts to fade and it is as though they are walking through an aroura borialis until the temple remakes itself like it used to be, but see through and glowing golden. There are golden lights around the temple that slowly form into images of the people who died. Ghora didn’t pass far enough into the Dream to see them as people, but the others do. Khoul tells them that their deaths have been avenged and that it is time for them to pass over and dance at the Edge of Heaven with the Devas. He and Adhana form the air into a large glowing archway that opens into a blinding light. As the golden lights start flowing through the gateway the group can just make out the forms of dancing figures on a vast plain of golden grass. Joy and happiness flow from the arch. Once all the villagers have passed through Adhana and Khoul slow their chanting and bring the group back to the present. The ritual is finished by putting out the incense and disrupting the circle.

On the way out of the town Onye stops at the inn and places his tiny carved statuettes on the mantle in rememberence of the villagers who lost their lives.

With solemn hearts, the pilgrims and their retainers resume their travel on to Tiari to inform the Magistrate of what has transpired so that he may send soldiers back to the village to secure the region from further villainy and to bring life back to the area. There are still many days travel ahead, but now wise old Khoul seems content to let the guard retainers travel close at hand.

The rest of the journey passes uneventfully, with the pilgrims reaching Tiari, informing the Magistrate and safely deliver the crystal singing bowl to the temple. After which Ghora guides the group to the Dancing Suthra Inn where he was instructed to meet Bartok, a Klin Summoner sent as an emissary to House Kanjim. Aryah Durkel wants Ghora to keep an eye on the Klin since he doesn’t trust him or the reasons for his placement in House Kanjim. Aryah Durkel refused to tell him why they were gaining a Klin emissary.

Ghora enters the common room with a commanding presence. The innkeeper, a rotund toad, waddles up saying, “Welcome, welcome welcome!” Ghora greets him and the innkeeper lets him know wthat he was expected and rooms are ready. He also tells him that the bat had been there for several days and answers Ghora’s questioning that he had been treated fairly even though such creatures are not appreciated there. The innkeeper tells you that he is probably currently asleep. Ghora puts a note under the bat’s door asking him to meet them for dinner after prayers. The party gets settled and once prayers are over (and Psedera had cleaned her weapons), they sit down to their evening meal.

Bartok comes downstairs, dressed appropriately for meeting his new group leader. He has a striking black cloak with red velvet lining. Much to everyone’s surprise he is albino. Ghora greets him politely and is a bit taken aback by his strong Klin accent. He is asked to join them at the table, graciously accepts and is introduced to the party. Bartok intentionally avoids contact with Onye, who notices but doesn’t care. He asks about their trip and after hearing the recounting he seems genuinely interested. Ghora asks Bartok about himself. He tells them a few very vague superficial things about himself. Once everyone is acquainted Ghora informs them all that they will be starting their return journey two days hence.

Onye goes up to him and says traveling during the day isn’t that bad and to not worry it will be ok. Then he smacks him on the back. Bartok says he’ll be fine but is obviously displeased by the physical contact and asks Onye to please not touch him. Onye just goes back to eating.



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